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In Flowers by: fuckthestars by WriteandShootClub In Flowers by: fuckthestars :iconwriteandshootclub:WriteandShootClub 1 0 Blanket Baby by: GodBlessedMe by WriteandShootClub Blanket Baby by: GodBlessedMe :iconwriteandshootclub:WriteandShootClub 0 0 Mr. Motorbike by: Rugmanpuff by WriteandShootClub Mr. Motorbike by: Rugmanpuff :iconwriteandshootclub:WriteandShootClub 0 0
Tree Bears' Revenge: by RMP
The story ended when Goldilocks ran off into the forest screaming.
This is how it continues………….
      Goldilocks ran into the forest, with tears running down her face. Meanwhile Papa bear flipped open his cell phone and dialed 911. In about three minutes the forest rangers came running through the door. Goldilocks on the other hand was sitting on a three stump crying her eyes out because she was lost and scared.
        Detective Wolf and Officer Woodchuck were the only ones on the police force. So Detective wolf sniffed around a bit, picked up Goldilocks’ scent and set out in the forest after her, while Officer Woodchuck listened to the Bear family’s complaints.
         Detective Wolf found Goldilocks still sitting on a stump and still crying. He walked up slowly and said hello, with that Goldilocks looked up and then took off in speed. Det
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Here, Not There by: H-I-C
I think this is on purpose,
Missed my final bus stop.
I have a new destination,
With knowledge of myself.
That I can’t dwell,
On the past I’ve got.
Gotta get a move on.
To the next mornin’ sunset I know,
That no one’s waiting for…
Well, no time to waste,
No goodbye’s, you know.
I’m unsure of my own future,
Have no idea what I’m doing.
But I’m sure that…
I can deal…
With it all as it all comes.
And I know that,
I can’t dwell on the past I’ve got.
Can’t stay here.
Because I know it won’t help,
I just know, gotta get a move on.
To the next mornin’ sunset I know,
That no one’s waiting for…
Well, no time to waste,
No goodbyes.
You know,
I’m done with this.
You know,
I can’t dwell,
On the past I’ve got.
Gotta get a move on.
To the next mornin’ sunset I know,
That no one’s waiting for…
Sorry for leaving,
Goodbye’s hurt, you know.
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The trees above and the sky below
The birds fly upside down and everything quivers.
A leaf falls off a tree
Slowly it rises
Making my image ripple and shake.
A fish jumps out of a tree and into the sky then disappears
Making my image ripple and shake.
Then I jump into my image
Making my image splash and wave
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Broken soul,
Broken heart.
Lost the place where I used to cry,
Lost the place where I used to smile.
Broken mind,
Broken apart.
...Just broken.
It was me who threw him away.
Was it wrong, was it right?
I start to question, when it's all been done.
...I'm not coming back, for you don't need me to be around.
I didn't cry, for I've lost the arms which used to wrap me with warmth.
I didn't shout, for I've lost the ears who'd listen to me whine.
I didn't show myself, for there's no one to show that part of life.
I didn't go back down, for your lies had been shed all now.
You cried,
And I was glad I turned around.
If I had seen your eyes, I would apologize,
And go back in your arms.
But I didn't.
I didn't apologize.
For it seemed to ruin my pride,
And I'm living in my pride.
..If it's taken, I have nothing left.
And you took it before,
As you offered to be mine.
But now that I released you,
I'm just simply shattered.
I'm messed up.          &
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Time and I by: TroubleInHarlem
This watch on my wrist
chafing the lighter skin
hidden from the rays;
ultra violet radiation
running through the
veins - invisible light
so impossibly right
The friction is burning,
fingers twist against
the lighter skin hidden
from the rays; kept out
of sight each day
Heat, metal, connecting
with the skin, melting
faster, fastening in
to my body, we are one
and one only, time and I
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Drown by: Shadowkid2
I can feel myself slipping down to the abyss. It reaches to me, wrapping me in a hug of death. Ha-ha, memories of playing halo online, that no longer seem to be mine. Kinda nice to lighten up while I'm sinking into the darkness, towards that murderous squeeze that will kill me, slowly and quietly. I can see the light, but the crushing pressure, like a siren, calls to me, begs me to let myself go. I remember her scream as the mast struck me, sending me over the rail. Seems like an eternity ago. I take another look at the dwindling rays, my lifelines of light. Maybe I can do something right for once. I try to break free of the Sea's grim embrace, but it holds fast like an unwanted lover. I can feel the sun's warmth on my face, but it's just a bit too far. Just for a moment, a piece of a second, the grip slips, and I scramble for freedom. Shit. Hadn't counted on the fish. I swim through a swarm and that one little retard fish, born wrong or something, decides to bolt blindly into danger,
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The Ride by: PowderedToastGirl
You looked so silly standing there with
your hands in your pockets and
your hair in your eyes
Baring your teeth in what you thought was a mischievous grin
Your cigarette hung out of your mouth
at an angle
You tossed it like an empty promise
to the ground and
leapt into your pickup truck, revving
Desperate to impress
though you'd never admit it
Leering and luring me to your side
I went along for the ride, but never the journey
You had ideals you didn't even understand
and spoke of them often, and voraciously
With the passion of the ignorant
I would nod mutely because I
did not want to make you feel inferior
I knew your fragility
so well
We drove for miles until we reached the state line
the precipice of our freedom
We paused for only a moment before we
took Morrison's advice and
broke on through to the other side...
Our pooled resources allowed for a cheap motel
You talked all night about your hopes and dreams for us while I listened
You wanted me to hold yo
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Hidden Jem by Wrathleader by WriteandShootClub Hidden Jem by Wrathleader :iconwriteandshootclub:WriteandShootClub 0 0 Wet Clovers by: kymosabex by WriteandShootClub Wet Clovers by: kymosabex :iconwriteandshootclub:WriteandShootClub 0 0
Look at you my beautiful....
Look at you my beautiful daughter
with those rose petal lips, violet cheeks
and your pearly blue eyes shining.
What a mess you have made!
I hope you had fun
splattering your first bits of makeup
all over your face.
So young aged just nine
yet so ready to grow up.
Too soon.
Look at you my beautiful daughter
with that long lacey veil
masking your face
that contrasts so
with your smooth morrocan brown skin
a souvenir from your travels
That angelic white gown. Timeless.
I may be biased love
but no-one has ever looked as beautiful as you.
Look at you my beautiful daughter
you're all grown up!
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D-R-E-A-M BY: Hi-Ice-Cas
My memories...
The moments that I remember...
Everyone? Are you there?
This seems so strange.
Floating here, glass panels flying by me.
They show me things.
They hold everything of mine.
I float on, moving, but yet I'm not.
Suspended in this... space.
Space of nothing and everything.
Can anyone hear me?
Am I speaking aloud?
Or am I just thinking?
The rifts between dream and reality are mixing.
It's hard to tell the difference.
I float on, or at least I think I am.
It's so quiet here.
It's lonely here, but yet so fulfilling.
It's hard to know what you feel like sometimes.
You know, I'm starting to fall, but I'm not scared.
I've figured out what I am doing,
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Is it Real By: HimioHendriz
The new same old story,
Working with burnt out glory,
When you realized you’ve got it made,
You’ve taught you’re friends tricks,
Using your broken sticks,
Back bleeding from guilt’s blade,
The people with which you’ve been hanging out,
You seem to wish they wouldn’t talk so loud,
And the person you hate and love the most,
Been following you from the south to north coast,
He share’s your shadow,
He knows your taste,
You could get rid of him,
But it’d be a waste,
So, is it something you have to steal,
Is inspiration really real?,
Do you know what you are,
A joke carried too far,
Can a man meant for bait,
Really carry his weight,
When the dust settles and it is revealed,
You aren’t real,
Deep in you’re mind,
You’re falling behind,
You’re lies start to decay,
You say beware,
Don’t stop and stare,
Cause you might want to stay,
The people you’ve been dumping trash on,
Don’t know the difference between a pro and a con,
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Tales of BY: JimioHendriz
Hey there you sad saint, why are your words so sharp,
Beneath both our skin lay the same tired heart,
Both you and I know denial can't pick it apart,
If you want to feel the colors, nows the time to start,
We're all moving away from the sun,
Some walk, some dance, most run,
They will never agree,
On this or that misery,
Some will ask you to sit down and take a stand,
Others will silently move to join the marching band,
In the end we're all just silhouttes,
of that one man's cigarette,
He knows it will kill him,
But not before he snuffs it out
Hey there, you sad saint, why are your words so sharp,
Why are you keeping us apart,
Lets learn some songs and sing them out of key,
Over there, a liar told me everyone knows their place
So you can bet safely when the time comes to race,
The dust is settling, its getting between my bones,
And my heads in two time zones,
One where they don't care,
And the other where they care less,
I can see you fashioned your own new age daydream,
I can see you m
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Club is under construction

Just letting you guys know that as of today we are redoing the club CSS. As we near completion the club will be accepting Subbmissions.

I am still looking for a right hand man. If you are interested or know anyone who would be please contact myself PapaFergie.

thank you :D

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So sad this club died an unfortunate death. T_T
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So the CSS worked out well?
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Sounds like an interesting club, and it's even affiliated with RE :D

I was wondering when you'll be accepting new memebers? I figured with the whole, Construction thing, newbs would be blocked for a bit.
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fuck yea write and shoot is back
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:D once the staff is in place, and i get a sub going on here we are good as gold!!!
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The club ha died. 25 weeks. 6 months.
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I just re opened the doors, please read journal and read the word!!!
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